She Rides is a cycling community for female riders in all categories. We do road, trail, downhill, dirt - you name it. And we all share the passion for riding. And strongly believe that we together are both stronger and faster. And will have more fun.


All riders are welcome to join us.

Today we are growing with the speed of light. From up north in Sweden to south. We are super excited to see our network develop and grow together with you. We are strongly connected to Strongher – a global cycling community. The membership is free and all you need to do is to share our passion for cycling, in any form.

It's more than a community

She Rides is led by cyclists and a diverse and experienced network of ambassadors who want to spread the magic of riding from all areas in the sport of cycling. We want to continue the development of women’s cycling, giving women a stage to show themselves and getting more women on bikes. She Rides is more than a community - it is a initiative to make a difference.